About The Company

Sabila Biosciences is an early drug discovery Biotech company focused on a discovery platform of new therapeutic agents by exploring research opportunities around unique chemical entities that are involved in biologically relevant oxidative mechanisms. The company’s core competency is based on strong foundation in medicinal and synthetic chemistry complimented by critical metabolism platform. The business model is based on advancing therapeutic agents to the initiation of the development stage for partnering to further advance to clinical studies.

Our Scientific Projects

When an imbalance between the production and manifestation of reactive oxygen species occurs in a cell, tissue or organ, free radicals and peroxides are produced. These species cause damage to cells, proteins, lipids and DNA or lead to a significant decrease in the capability of antioxidant defenses, such as glutathione. Severe oxidative stress can cause cell death, apoptosis and necrosis. In humans, oxidative stress is involved in many diseases across multiple therapeutic areas such as oncology, cardiovascular and neuroscience.

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